Meeting of RIHN project for eco-DRR

Yesterday I had a meeting of RIHN project for eco-DRR at Komaba Campus, the University of Tokyo. The project title is "Research and Social Implementation of Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction as Climate Change Adaptation in Shrinking Societies" whose leader is Takehito Yoshida. You can get information about it below.

Our project status is pre-research. Full research will start from April 2018. Tomohiro Ichinose is a leader of group 1 which focuses on the evaluation of disaster risk related to land uses. Sub-leader is Prof. Ryosuke Shibazaki and Prof. Misato Uehara whose information below.

It was a joint meeting with group 2 focusing on the evaluation of ecosystem service related eco-DRR whose leader is Prof. Osamu Saito, UN University, and Prof. Shizuka Hashimoto, the University of Tokyo. We discussed about available data sets for the evaluation. The project will continue for five years from April 2018 which has more than 70 members.